Enjoy a therapeutic massage at the club. Thursday afternoon and Friday morning beginning in May.

Details:  30 minutes $40 | 1 hour $60 | 1.5 Hour $80 | Private room in the Trap.     Book Now

Marissa graduated from Massage Therapy School at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas in 2011. She currently certified as Massage Therapist in Virginia under
the Virginia Board of Nursing. Marissa is committed to restoring and maintaining optimal health and pain-free function of your body. She is educated and trained to
accurately assess and treat with techniques that include massage and manual therapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, joint mobilization, and rehabilitative
exercise such as stretching, strengthening, postural exercise, and patient education. Marissa’s goal as a Massage Therapist is to facilitate pain reduction and healing, bring
a renewed sense of balance into your life, and provide compassionate touch to anyone in need.